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Experienced audio engineers, voiceover artists, and project directors ensure you get lively, articulate and flawless recordings. We then edit the audio into separate files, naming them according to your instructions. Sound effects can be added according to your needs to recreate the same background present in your original production. We deliver a localized master in .wav or aiff at industry standard at any resolution between 44.1 and 192KHz. We can also encode in any format for seamless use on the final platform.


Sound Design is the heart and soul of Digilab. We take the time to create a sound design room able to provide the utmost in creative flexibility. The control room is equipped with a finely tuned Pro Tools HD system, including a full complement of plug-ins and outboard gear. The picture is played from a network server onto high definition displays. The audio is monitored by a very accurate playback system making the Sound Designer's experience almost identical to working in a theatre.


We focus on supplying the most appropriate linguistic/foreign version for your production, whether in movies, corporate and institutional videos, spots and commercials, billboards and infomercials, video games, audio-books, phone prompts, tutorials, e-learning modules, podcasts, property and real-estate videos, DVD's, CD ROM's, GPS, in-flight messages, reports or any other multimedia product where a lively human voice is required.


As the first regional voice provider, we offer a large range of national and international artists to suit your preferences and budget.
Language is no barrier to us.
We never get lost in translation when we process your scripts for audio delivery because our voice artists and project managers ensure the original language is perfectly adapted to the style and presentation you require.


Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN makes it possible to monitor and direct our talents in real time at Digilab.
Using ISDN allows us to access various remote talents and partner studios, with good sound and full direct control of the project. ISDN gives us real-time worldwide coverage, providing our clients with voicing services in virtually any language.
For more information on ISDN and IP lines and prices, please contact us.


VIDEO PRODUCTION is a renowned video production facility runned by Alberto Meroni that  joined the Digilab infrastructure many years ago. 

Advertising, corporate, tv formats, documentaries, movies, and docufiction are just some of the services this company can offer. take care of all the production workflow, from the development to the end of the post-production.

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Our resident speaker and actor Federico Caprara, one of the most popular voices in advertisement, has provided vocal lessons for hundreds of speakers.

Speakers appreciate Federico's reality-based techniques that free up the voice, yet somehow keep the speaking real, honest, and from the heart. As a voice teacher Federico doesn't feel his job is to teach people how to speak, but how to remove the obstacles that may prevent them from speaking the way they want to speak. .

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